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At BAM Driving Tuition, we’re not just about helping you pass your driving test; we’re here to guide you towards becoming a confident, safe, and responsible driver. Based in the heart of Hull and extending our services to Beverley and the surrounding areas, we’ve dedicated over 20 years to crafting driving courses that cater to every learner’s needs. From weekly lessons to semi-intensive and intensive courses, our goal is to offer you the flexibility to learn at your pace, in a way that best suits your lifestyle and learning preferences.


BAM Driving Tuition

Why Choose BAM Driving Tuition?

Choosing the right driving school is a pivotal step in your driving journey, and at BAM Driving Tuition, we make that decision easy. Our instructors are not just seasoned professionals with over two decades of experience; they’re passionate educators, committed to providing a supportive, engaging, and effective learning environment. With a focus on tailored, client-centred tuition, we ensure that every lesson is not just a step towards passing your test but a building block in your lifelong driving skills. Coupled with our competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, we’re proud to offer a learning experience that stands out for its quality and care.

Your Lessons

Your driving lessons will follow the syllabus set out by the DVSA to ensure all road users are driving to the current national standard.

Our courses

Test Ready

This course is ideal for pupils that have already been to test and failed and just need a refresher before going back into test.

Nearly Ready

This course is for pupils who are partly trained and have had a minimum of 15 hours tuition with another instructor.

Nowhere Near Ready

This course is for complete beginners with no in car experience.

Will i ever be ready?

This course is for pupils who are nervous or have difficulties learning and want to take the slower road to passing.

BAM Services

Do you require us to book your practical test for you?
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At BAM Driving Tuition, you decide how you would like your course delivered.

Intensive – all in one week or two

Semi-intensive – spread over 2-4 weeks

Weekly – 2hr lessons per week. 

Please be aware we have no control over when or how many test slots DVSA have available. We will try our very best to book a test slot that both parties agree on.

Contact Us

Don’t wait to start your journey to driving independence. Reach out to us at 07711 573179 or send an email to info@bamdrivingtuition.co.uk. Let’s drive towards your success together with BAM Driving Tuition.

Ready to Take the Wheel?

Embarking on your driving journey is just a click or a call away. Whether you’re gearing up for your first lesson or looking to intensify your driving skills, BAM Driving Tuition is here to guide you every step of the way. Get in touch with us today to discuss your driving aspirations and find out how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.